International coworking networks HubHub and Impact HUB introducing a new collaboration product – the DOUBLE DESK


International coworking networks HubHub and Impact HUB are introducing a new collaboration – the product titled DOUBLE DESK will allow people to utilize services in both coworking spaces under the same membership. The aim of the DOUBLE DESK is to connect communities and support young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Interest in utilizing coworking spaces in Bratislava and other Slovak cities is constantly on the rise, with newly created projects and the expansion of established brands as proof. There are more and more individuals that work for local and/or foreign companies on a short-term contract basis, as well as a rising number of freelancers working from home. Small projects, start-ups and NGOs that need space to expand their efforts are also becoming more dominant players in the working force. Coworking spaces are by far the best option for all of these people, not only thanks to their flexibility, but also because of their ability to connect people within their community and facilitate valuable exchange of know how. It is common that community members help each other out, actively collaborate and create new projects together.

Companies HubHub and Impact HUB Bratislava are introducing a new collaboration under the title DOUBLE DESK, thanks to which people will have the opportunity to access the spaces and use the services and benefits of both of these coworking locations under the same membership. Internet, coffee & tea, as well as basic meeting room packages and cleaning services will also be included in the membership. People will have the opportunity to use the benefits of both places as well, including discounted meeting room tariffs, access to all community events or the option of using all other locations of the two network abroad. „HubHub is a very agnostic project. Our goal is not to close off the community, but quite the opposite – we want to open the community up to everyone and help it grow. Outside of our physical spaces we invest a huge amount of time and effort into our educational activities, which is why we are thrilled to have the option of offering our events to more people through this collaborative membership. The goal is to connect our communities and activate the entire start-up ecosystem,“ says Ján Búza, Business Development & Partnership Manager for HubHub in Central & Eastern Europe.

Both companies are interested in continuing their search for topics that connect the two networks and further ways of collaboration. The future of this partnership will depend on the results from this pilot project, that will be launched in the middle of October. „We are very happy that this collaboration came to life and that we can launch this joined product between two strong international brands in Bratislava. Thanks to the great locations and services of both coworking spaces, people interested in the DOUBLE DESK will have an unprecedented opportunity to meet new people and projects. The goal of the collaboration is to connect members and support young entrepreneurs. Thanks to the attractive price for the joined membership and the unique benefits it provides, this package will no doubt be a very interesting choice for freelancers, small teams and burgeoning start-ups. We believe that the product will attract many people and assist them in their entrepreneurial journeys,“ says Branislav Šmidt, Managing Director of Impact HUB Bratislava.

On top of this collaboration, both companies are continuing their own individual efforts as well. The Impact HUB network consists of more than 100 locations in 50 countries all over the world, amassing a community of 16 000 members that is constantly growing. Outside of locations in cities such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam or Zurich, Impact HUB is also very strongly represented in the region of Central Europe with spaces open in cities including Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Brno or Ostrava. Impact HUB provides not only complex coworking and events services, but also facilitates hackathons, specialized incubator formats and accelerator programs. A unique characteristic of Impact HUB is its support of social impact projects and an individual approach.

After successfully launching its projects in Bratislava, Warsaw and Prague, coworking network HubHub is planning further expansion with new locations in the respective cities. HubHub will be expanding to Western Europe as well, with a new location opening in London in the upcoming months. Outside of operating coworking spaces, HubHub has a strong focus on educational events available not only to its members, but to a wider community of people as well. These events are aimed at helping people develop their skills and knowledge in multiple areas. Thanks to HubHub’s cooperation with local and foreign companies, the world of start-ups and corporations connects under one roof.

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