HubHub is joining forces with Neulogy, they will work together to bring a new and improved StartupAwards

  • HubHub and Neulogy formed a joint venture, establishing company FutureNow, s.r.o.
  • Startup Awards and the FutureNow conference are expanding their scope
  • The startup community and young talented entrepreneurs can look forward to more opportunities for the growth of their businesses and ideas

Company HubHub together with Neulogy, the organizer and founder of the Startup Awards event, have joined forces and plan to expand beyond the border of Slovakia with a new platform concept. HubHub is now an official co-organizer of the Startup Awards, a decision that confirms both companies’ ambitions to become the epicenter of the community of companies, investors and young talent in the CEE region.

Every year the Startup Awards have attracted not only startups, but also numerous foreign investors and representatives of international corporations. Last year, Neulogy expanded the Startup Awards with a conference part under the title FutureNow, significantly increasing the platform’s scope and relevance. FutureNow brings a fresh outlook on the future, with a focus on current trends and innovative technologies that shape the entrepreneurial ecosystem for both young and established companies.

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