Co-working and service offices: trendy interior and free coffee are no longer enticing enough


In recent years, Hungary has become a start-up heaven, supported by the new study of, which was searching for the best locations for British start-ups. Of the 80 international major cities examined, Budapest came out on top. There has been a great surge of co-working and service offices opening in the Hungarian capital, several new offices – including HubHub Budapest, currently offering the largest number of work stations – have sprung up. HubHub Budapest co-working office has been in operation for six months now and is the only such establishment offering a mentor house, educational platform and community space to Budapest enterprises.

According to the latest survey of, Budapest is the city of choice for British start-ups looking to set up company headquarters after the possible UK exit from the European Union. The study says Budapest is a desirable destination due to its low corporate tax rates, low cost of living, excellent availability of flights and an increasing number of co-working offices.

According to the data of the Central Statistics Office, the number of freelancers and sole proprietors grew by 25 %, to 488,000 in the past four years. In addition, the increased number of start-ups has also contributed to the exploding growth of co-working and service offices. That is true not only in Budapest but around the world. Currently, 18,000 co-working offices service about 2 million people globally. According to the forecast of Global Coworking Survey, the trend will continue, and 50 % more co-working offices will operate around the world by 2020, with 2.7 million members.

With the penetration of co-working offices, expectations have also increased. In addition to renting a desk, getting free coffee and working in trendy loft spaces, extra services have also become important. That includes offices open 24 hours a day, thematic co-working spaces focusing on a specific position or real-life situation, or shared offices operating as a mentor house.

After London, Prague, Warsaw and Bratislava, the international workspace provider, HB Reavis opened it’s first Hungarian co-working space called HubHub Budapest. The fully serviced space is located in Király utca, where an inspirational working environment has been created ideal for freelancers, start-ups, scale-ups in various phases of development and even multinational companies’ innovation labs. The co-working spaces were designed by local interior designers. HubHub Budapest is an attentive, easy-to-reach downtown space that is both ideal for work and learning, while home to a vibrant community of talents. They have classic standard closed offices and trendy open spaces. Anyone can rent a workstation from a temporary workplace, from fix and desk to an entire office, which is available 24/7.

Thanks to their international network, they support clients to build a strong network through workshops and hackathons. They touch upon topics such as artificial intelligence, chatbot, Big Data and offer business development tips during their meet-ups.


Revolut, Flexibus and up and coming Hungarian start-ups

HubHub international network enjoys unbridled popularity not only among Hungarian start-ups and small enterprises, but it is also home of international market leaders or up and coming start-ups all over the world, such as Revolut, innovator of digital banking solutions, Pipedrive, the international software development company, or Flixbus in our international co-working network.

HubHub is also home to Cogito, a collaborative document editing and study support platform, one of the winners of Design Terminal’s mentor program. BlueCode, creator of a mobile payment system, has earned office use at HubHub in OTP Lab’s mentor program.


Pitch competition with prizes

During its first six months in Budapest, HubHub has been busy to become a hotspot of sorts. They provided the venues for the Startup Safari series of events held in April and the MatchPoint university initiative, as well as hosting Fireside Talk with TechStars.

HubHub Budapest held its first pitch competition in proptech in June, won by Screbo, a smart platform for hotel paperwork and offers.

During the competition, startups presented 5-minute pitches in three topics – proptech, smart city, green living. The winning team received several valuable prizes: finalist in the investment mentor program of Hiventures, a chance to present their pitch in front of the expert team of HB Reavis international work space provider, mentoring opportunity with the international mentor team of HubHub, tickets to Future Now conference in Bratislava, and a six-month Fix Desk membership in HubHub Budapest.

Screbo also received a Special award of an exclusive mentoring session from the highly experienced mentors of OTP LAB.

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