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Andrea Rácz

by Andrea Rácz

Meet Our Members – #HolkyzMarketingu

To get to know them and find the inspiration behind, we interviewed Pavlína Louženská, Founder of #HolkyzMarketingu, who is passionate about female empowerment in a business environment.

 What inspired you to start with #HolkyzMarketingu and why are you passionate what you do?

I was frustrated by the lack of women in startups, board rooms and on stage. That was seven years ago, since then we’ve grown in a 27 000 women strong community who support each other in achieving their goals and dreams. I am very lucky to be part of that.

The most important moment in your career? 

Meet Aneta and Lucie my two co-founders. Without them, I wouldn’t be standing here today.

What are your values?

Support. Empowerment. Community. Hate free. Team.

Do you focus only on women?

No. Even though women are a big part of what we do, COVID taught us that everyone is affected. So we’ve welcomed men to our workshops, initiatives for the unemployed and to the team. What will always be for women only is the Facebook group: it creates a safe environment, a bond within the community.

The biggest challenge last year and what did you learn from it? What advice would you share with fellow founders?

Last year was challenging and we really wanted to help everyone. So our biggest challenge was to scale fast enough to help, but slow enough to keep our values (and ourselves) alive. Mental health of the team and transparent internal communication is the answer to every challenge.

What podcasts do you listen to inspire or learn from? 

I love Business of Fashion, Decoder, Create Tomorrow by WGSN, Talking Politics, a16z and Where Should We Begin. Very wide range of interests.

What do you consider as the biggest advantage of coworking?

Aneta and Lucie have kids, Kája and Lucka work part time, Petr and other members of the team are external members. So to have a coworking space meant big advantages for us

  1. Finally having a place to meet on terms we could afford
  2. HubHub offers suitable spaces for all of us. Meeting rooms turned into kindergartens when kids needed to come along. Call hubs meant we don’t disturb each other. Coffee machine allowed networking with other HubHub members.
  3. Even when one of us comes to the office, it’s never lonely. There are other people around. Which is huge nowadays for people like me. After 6 month WFH I cried a little the first time someone said Hi to me in the kitchen 🙂

What do you like most about HubHub? What was the reason you wanted to work here?

Apart from Milan? 🙂 (Prague’s HubHub team leader) Each of us would have a different answer and that is what I love about it the most. I love the designer furniture (I am a geek), Aneta can bring a kid and work late in the evenings, Lucie can bring along her puppy and invite our partners into a classy meeting room. And everyone here is really friendly!

How can you help other HubHubers? How can other HubHubers help you?

You can attend our events or join our community.