04.11.2020 | 5 min read |

Andrea Rácz

by Andrea Rácz

FTRNW 2020 Is Back As Digital Bootcamp!

The pandemic has brought us back to our core. To ourselves. To our purpose. Helping startups to grow.

Current situation has pushed everyone out of their comfort zones. It may have made us locked somehow at our homes but we are eager to get the best out of it.



FTRNW is our partner in crime when it comes to startups. Its bootcamps have always been a place where startups rediscovered their purposes, weaknesses and strengths.

Even though this year FTRNW 3-week program is devoted to startups, snippets of the best talks with renowned specialists from across the globe are going to be streamed to everybody. And believe us, that is going to be something that will resonate!

The whole program that is fully digital is devoted to early-stage startups and is designed in a way to help them grow. In-depth workshops with renowned specialists on Mondays, moving beyond the pitch while finding answers to fundamental business questions on Wednesdays and 1 on 1 mentoring with industry experts on Fridays. Shortlisted early-stage startups will truly deep dive into their cores to find possible gaps and mend them afterwards with speakers, mentors, partners, top investors and key industry players. And the best thing about it? No one has to go anywhere. Tune in from the comfort of your living room.

Just imagine having the CEO of one of the most successful startup accelerators in the world right in your living room. Or discussing your business plan with an American businesswoman who has an eye for promising startups that could make it big in the world. Or maybe you’re already looking for the right way how to approach an investor and would like to have a chat with one of the most successful co-founders of the startup ecosystem in Slovakia. Well, don’t waste any other minute then. Apply for FTRNW digital bootcamp and use the access to these brainy people to the fullest.




All the shortlisted startups will get a free 3-months membership at their local HubHub. A co-working place where entrepreneurship blossoms and frankly speaking there’s nothing better than being part of a community of like-minded individuals who you can casually talk to about your plans, fears or triumphs while having a cup of coffee in a community place.

Speaking of community, HubHub will get you access to the virtual one where all the educational seminars together with snippets of the best talks from the FTRNW digital bootcamp will happen. Get ready for a vibrant package of brain stimulating sessions starting from January.



Thankfully, throughout the program you’ll get access to top investors from the region who are always looking for a potential company to invest in but are also happy to share some of the hacks how to make it big worldwide.

Getting to know handpicked mentors and partners representing different industry backgrounds will definitely come handy as well. You never know whose piece of advice is going to

From our point of view it looks like everybody is going to be a winner. As from what we heard every shortlisted startup will get access to business knowledge shared by mentors and international speakers and will meet top investors as well. Startups will get an opportunity to use a 2-hour legal consultation from Taylor Wessing and web services from Amazon. But most of all, you’ll find yourself at a place where everybody is going to help you reach your business goals.


So don’t waste your time, apply till 6 November and learn from the best from the comfort of your living rooms. And then don’t forget to say hi when you will be having a coffee in our community space afterwards.