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Uhubs: How To Effectively Communicate In The Workplace

08. April 2020

Hosted by: HubHub


Description for All

Learn to communicate in the workplace wherever you are in the environment
About this Event
Being able to communicate within your workplace is a sought after skill that is essential to business success. Wether you are sharing ideas, offering feedback or it’s your day to day task oriented communication, you need the ability to make yourself clear and encourage conversation.

Which is why in this Uhubs session, Co-Founder of Madio and previously Marketing Director of Kairos Europe Summit, Seth Allen will share with you the right tools and insights to improve your communication skills, which you can apply as soon as the start of your next working day.

Learning Objectives

1. How to effectively communicate ‘up’ in your environment.

2. How to effectively communicate ‘across’ in your environment.

3. How to effectively communicate ‘down’ in your environment.

Who is the Uhubs Expert?

Seth is an entrepreneur that sees the world through the lens of people. Having been in start up world for 6 years as a Founder, CEO, Community Builder and Conference Organiser, he’s had the opportunity to see ideas evolve from conception to global relevance through a variety of perspectives.

He is passionate about sharing how a people-centric approach to life and business can yield not just fulfillment but sustainable success in the long term.


18:20: Arrival at HubHub (come early and network!)

18:45: Session starts (please don’t be late!)

19:45: Session finishes, subject to Q n A (Stay around to Network)

What is Uhubs?

Uhubs helps you upskill by learning new practical skills from the doers (global expert coaches) who share their stories, wisdom & hacks for success.

What is HubHub?

Hubhub London is a combination of a co-working community of startups, innovators, freelancers and corporations, with a multi-functional, modern space for hire in London.

HubHub is a grown-up, richly connected workspace for like-minded ambitious techtalent to connect, learn, and succeed. HubHub helps people and businesses develop, not only by providing a space optimised for productivity but also by creating a set of programs and ecosystem to support everyone through their journey. It’s for those who take work seriously and who want to keep growing – both professionally and personally. We understand, nurture and cultivate a start-up state of mind in everything we do.

**Please be aware that the session is recorded and we take photos for our social media. You can opt out of this if you prefer.
Attention: If you attend our session you automatically agree with our terms & conditions.

Date & Time


18:30 - 20:00


HubHub 20 Farringdon Street

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