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Creative Leadership Minus Bullshit

23. May 2019

Hosted by: HubHub

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Two of the fanciest buzzwords in modern business exposed.

What is creative? What is leadership? What is creative leadership?

Why it’s actually very very rare no matter what sexy books tell you. How can you practice creative leadership in your organization, who are the biggest enemies and why is it all actually worth it?

Join us for intensive session with Milan Semelak, co-founder Unicorn Attacks.



Anyone who runs a business or a team and is constantly challenged with the need for new solutions or ideas and make them work in a practical reality. Anyone who thinks creative leadership is some mysterious higher power. Anyone who needs to understand why their CEO or CMO acts like crazy 🙂


Milan Semelak, co-founder Unicorn Attacks
Milan designs ways of thinking and doing to maximise the value businesses create for their customers and shareholders. Over the last decade, he has shaped more than two hundred businesses. From huge global corporations, small family businesses, ambitious start-ups to cold-hearted tech companies or venture capital funds. Defining how they sell, market themselves, innovate products or build teams. Defining how they create value. Milan works in between London and Prague, often causing headaches in Amsterdam, Singapore or California.
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Language: English. This event is free of charge, please register via GoOut link.
Limited capacity (50).


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HubHub Na Příkopě 14, Panská 2, Praha 1

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