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Build Your Own Robot - TJBot Garage

31. October 2018

Hosted by: HubHub Na Prikope 14

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Wanna learn how to build your own robot? 🙂
TJBot is a playful demo of cognitive technologies created in IBM Labs. IBM Watson technologies are now easily accessible for anyone. During this Masterclass from HubHub’s educational programme “Big Data & AI” we will show you how to build your own robot without any necessary needs of knowing programming languages. We will use your pre-prepared chatbots or you can use our default one. We will use services such as Text to Speech and Speech to Text to make our TJBot talk and understand our words, in addition to that we will get to know better services such as Visual Recognition and Tone Analyzer.

Linette Manuel, Angelika Dudová, Jan Louda; IBM, AI Next

NOTE: If you are using Windows, please make sure you have admin rights to install puTTy on your laptop.
This event is FREE OF CHARGE, but you have to register (via GoOut link in the description).

PRIOR REQUIREMENTS: Chatbot 2 (Intermediate) attendees are preferred, but we encourage anyone interested.
Please bring your laptop/computer.

Date & Time


15:00 - 18:00


Prague (entrance from Panská 2)

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