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From Startup to Unicorn - The Silicon Valley Roller Coaster

03. September 2019

Hosted by: HubHub

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Roland Siebelink shares with early to mid stage entrepreneurs tips for scaling their companies to market dominance.
About this Event
Roland Siabelink is a former landslide winner of the Silicon Valley Founder Showcase (2011) and the only person who has lived through three 10-1000 FTE scaleup journeys in a row. He lives in San Francisco and coaches scaleup companies around the world.

We are lucky to host them in London in his tour through Europe. In this interactive talk, Roland Siebelink, shares with early to mid stage entrepreneurs:

first-hand war stories from three massive scaleup journeys in a row
how to make your startup more robust while keeping an entrepreneurial culture
the way to move your goal posts from product-market-fit to product-market-dominance
tips for overcoming valleys of death by mastering new competences at every stage
Main hands on takeaways:

a whole new outlook on “scaling” the company-beyond just starting it and a roadmap to do so
tools to keep you sane and connected to your mission and goals as a founding member of the company
BONUS: The audience also gets access to an exclusive toolkit to architect rapid startup momentum.

Date & Time


18:00 - 20:00


HubHub 20 Farringdon Street

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