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“Self development and learning is both rewarding and essential” – Interview with Jamie

27.5.2019  |  Members
“Self development and learning is both rewarding and essential” – Interview with Jamie

It’s said that you can never know which milestone in life where will lead you int he future. This is what Jamie’s been constantly experiencing in his life. In the interview below you can read about how he started his freelancing career and what he has to do with the TheLADBible. 😉


Introduce yourself in 6 words, pls. :)

Bold risk taker with big goals. 


What advice would you give for the younger yourself who’s dreaming about the future? 

Start building small products and services for yourself as soon as you can. Constant self development and learning is both rewarding and essential. 


Can you tell us any life changing experience that deeply affected your future/the way you think now? 

Several years ago I was given the opportunity to work remotely as a developer. Thanks to this I slow travelled across Europe for a year and my mind was opened to a variety of new approaches, cultures and ways of thinking. I am so grateful that I took this slow travelling approach spending at least 1 month at every stop I visited because there is a lot that can be learned by staying for an extended period of time in different cultures rather than quick trips. 


What did your friends tell you when they were told that you go freelance and live remotely? 

Everyone told me that they were both proud and envious and that they wanted to have a similar opportunity. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), later on, when I gave these people the tools and opportunities to do the same and work remotely they turned it down. There was always some reason such as the timing being not right, a new pet, just taking a new job etc that prevented it. I quickly realised that remote working is not for everyone. 


Have you ever been an employee? How was that?😊 

I was an employee for the first 7 years of my career. It was a great experience and a fantastic platform for me to quickly learn from those around me who had more and varied experiences. Thanks to my career working in agencies I was exposed at a pretty high level to eCommerce, SEO, social media marketing, PPC marketing, conversion optimisation. Thanks to this I have a varied knowledge-base and skillset that helps me to find the best people and approaches for each situation. 


Tell us about the start? How did all begin with freelancing? 

Through an ex colleague I was offered the opportunity to pitch a contract to develop a video licensing platform the TheLADBible that were the 6th most visited website in the UK in 2017 above Twitter and other major brands. I won the contract and was able to leave my remote role and enter the world of contracting and self employment. 


What do you like the most about freelancing? 

Most of all I like the variation in my day-to-day life. One day I can be meeting several clients and travelling across the city while the next I will be sat at my desk submerged into coding and the third day I will be creating a business plan or marketing strategy. 


What brought you to Hungary? Why did you stay? 

Hungary was one of the stops in my travels as a remote developer. I originally planned to stay for one month before moving on to Lisbon. I have still yet to visit Lisbon as every month I was still enjoying Budapest and meeting the Hungarian people so much that I continually extended my stay. That was almost 4 years ago and I stayed because the city is both beautiful and active while the people are friendly and social. 


What is that you exactly do? How does it contribute to the success of a company? 

I am the co-founder and technical lead at Polkadot Tiger ( We offer a platform to A/B Test metadata and see which variation leads to the highest rankings for specified keywords. My role leads to the success of the company by solving the technical challenges associated with monitoring the change in rankings based on the metadata set in the admin.  


What is that you like about HubHub? 

I love the productive and friendly atmosphere in HubHub the most. Whenever I come here I am able to focus on work and make the most of my work hours. That being said, the staff and other members are all friendly and whenever I need to take a small coffee break or have a beer after work there is always someone willing to join. The best part is that everyone here is working on interesting products or services and I am exposed to lots of ideas, tools and ways of working. 


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