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Meet Our Members – Recart – Soma Tóth

New month, new member interview. Recart is currently in the top 10 hottest Startups according to the Hungarian Forbes magazine and we asked their CEO, Soma Tóth, about the past, present and future of his company.

by Vanda Sulyok 13.4.2021  |  3 min read Coworking
Meet Our Members – Recart – Soma Tóth

Please take us back to the beginning. What was your original vision and how did you start the journey?

It all started with me working a summer job at a restaurant back when Facebook became a thing here in Hungary and they asked me to put together a FB page for them. I saw an opportunity there and started reading and educating myself more and more on marketing. Specializing in marketing for ecommerce stores, I created a webshop agency. This was the base from which Recart sprouted when we realized most of the items left in online shopping carts are not because of losing interest in buying them, but due to various outside factors. In 2017 we launched our messaging service on Facebook Messenger – and the rest is history.

How do you think working from a coworking place, like HubHub, can contribute to the success of Recart?

We believe in open minds, open ideas and open spaces. 🙂 A co-working place provides flexibility for our everyday brainstormings and meetings… and of course we love gathering around the coffee machine for a quick break!

What makes Recart different from other eCommerce companies?

I wouldn’t necessarily call Recart an ecommerce company… We are more of a marketing technology solution, helping merchants to build up and retain a highly engaged customer base. In that field, Recart is definitely the best app on the market! We pay the most attention to our merchants and work with them closely on our newest features – sometimes even on strategic decisions.

Another thing is our company culture – transparency and openness is key, both from a  professional and from a personal point. We have also recently started putting more focus on engaging in charity activities to give back to the community.

What are your ambitions for 2021?

To infinity and beyond – in other words, growth, growth and growth. Our aim is to increase the capacity of our product teams and to build a bigger sales, marketing and growth team while retaining our values and still nurture the culture we currently have.

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