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Meet Our Members – rinkl

This month we are catching up with one of HubHub’s newest members – rinkl. Below, Founder Jack Burke tells us who rinkl are and how they are planning to shake up the world of influencers and their audience.

by Sophie Bacon 10.11.2020  |  5 min read Members
Meet Our Members – rinkl

Can tell us a little about who rinkl are and what you do?

rinkl is a recently funded startup. Guv (CTO) and I are the only two full-time members of the team, with Charlie helping us with growth and scale in an advisory role. We also have 4 remote contractors working for rinkl currently.

We are currently building the first full version of rinkl – a platform and culture all about enhancing the connection between content creators and their audience through the power of personalised 1 to 1 video.

We are launching our next product and app in Jan 2021.



What inspired you to create rinkl?

As a filmmaker and former YouTube employee – I realised that there is a problem with the internet. There are people out there who have great knowledge, passion and experience. They share it every week via their social media content, the Instagram yoga instructor, the YouTube make-up artist etc. They do this to 1000’s of people and get asked 100’s of question all the time from their followers.

However, due to volume, there is no way to answer all these questions!

So rinkl was born – whether you’re a podcaster, a streamer or a vlogger, rinkl enables your audience to privately connect with you for the reasons you want them to – through 1 to 1 video. Career advice? Perform a track? Dispense bespoke knowledge? They can decide what and its value.


What’s in the pipeline for rinkl over the next 12 months?

Build our next product and LAUNCH IT! And then hopefully scale and grow the company at lightning pace…we hope.

Do you have a dream influencer you would love to be on rinkl?

Yes – Ali Abdaal. He is a Doctor, productivity guru, filmmaker and editor. He is a wealth of knowledge with over 1.1 million followers. His outlook on life and willingness to help others become better at what they do is very inspiring! He would be a perfect rinklr.


Do you have any advice for new startups?

Don’t think too much – just do it! I believe you can only grow and optimise your business when you have data to back it up. The quicker you get your product to market to collect data, the quicker you can improve and grow the business.

I am guilty of this all the time. I talk about ideas and ‘what if’s’. I am presuming I know what rinkl is going to be, but in reality, it’s the users that will decide that.

So just get it out there and listen to the users and the data!


What do you like most about HubHub?

I really enjoy the open office space and huge windows on our 2nd floor. It’s a very calm space to work in as well, which I like. Also, the cinema space on the 4th floor, perfect for my afternoon naps!

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