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Coworkers vs. Crisis #5 – Eva Almašiová from Fuergy

One more blog this week from our series Coworkers vs. Crisis. How does it look like in Slovakia? We asked our member Eva Almašiová from Fuergy.

by Alexandra Krchnavá 11.6.2020  |  3 min read Coworking
Coworkers vs. Crisis #5 – Eva Almašiová from Fuergy

Eva Almašiová is our member of Bratislava´s coworking space Twin City C. She has broad experience in all aspects of project and finance controlling, community & social media management, digital marketing and public relations. Currently, she works as head of PR at FUERGY, Slovak tech company providing AI-powered energy storage solutions and energy management systems.


How did the current crisis affect your business?
The energy industry was, unfortunately, among the first “business victims” of the corona crisis. The lockdown has caused major changes (not only) in the energy consumption that no one was prepared for. When the investor backs-up, it hits hard. Especially when the deal is almost closed, we had two choices – give up or fight for survival. Guess what? We are still here 🙂

How did you adapt to this situation?
We had to bring some sacrifices. But it is always easier to do so knowing that your project follows a higher purpose. FUERGY is solving multiple problems that the energy industry is facing today while saving people’s money. It is a win-win situation. Luckily, some of our projects did not die. We are currently installing and putting into service two large-scale battery systems. Both are the first of its kind in Slovakia and surrounding countries, and we believe they will be the game changers not only for FUERGY but also for the whole energy industry.

How did you help your clients to adapt?
Our clients have our full support. In the end, we are on the same boat. They expect results, and so do we.

Your key learning points?
Believe in your project. If it’s worth it, it will find its way.

What are your future goals?
The first to hit but also the first to recover, the transformation of the energy sector is considered as one of the key initiatives that can help to heal the economy from the COVID-19 pandemic fallout. We have technology that can lend a helping hand and make it happen. Our main aim is to continue working hard to prove the efficiency of our solutions and spread the word about the importance of transition towards smart and renewable energy because the climate crisis is still here.

How can FUERGY help other coworkers in HubHub?
Need any sort of energy advice? Everyone is always welcome to stop by our office, reach us via e-mail or ask for help at HubHub Marketplace :-).

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