23.09.2020 | 5 min read |

Andrea Rácz

by Andrea Rácz

5 Reasons Why You (Or Your Company) Should Join A Coworking Space Now More Than Ever

The reason for this is that the pattern of commercial real estate is clearly showing that a gradual shift from traditional commercial real estate and long inflexible leases to more flexible workspace solutions is under way. More and more businesses are realising that there is value in flexible workspace solutions for their company (I covered this topic in a previous post). With coronavirus creating market uncertainty and an economic downturn, flexible workspace solutions are becoming more prominent faster than anticipated. Now why is that so? In this post, I want to talk about 5 reasons why you too should consider joining a coworking space more so than ever before.

For the Power of the Community

Most probably, the crucial unique value of joining a coworking space is the community of the people in it. You have tens of different companies and maybe a hundred freelancers all in one place and they all specialise in different things and all have different stories. You can leverage this on different levels and occasions. Most obviously, cooperation. You suddenly have a pool of people you can contact when you have a business question they may be able to help you with or you are looking to hire someone and a member recruiting company can help you. Maybe you need someone to test your idea or product, and for that there is no better place than a coworking space. There are countless things a community like this can help you with and things you can learn. Sometimes maybe you just need to wind down, chill and have a beer with someone and have a good talk. But the simplest way to explain why a community like this would have added value for you is just by saying that you will see your window of opportunities widen ten-fold compared to what it was before.

For Working Comfortably

At the end of the day you probably want to join a coworking space because you need to work there, duh. Now, if you choose correctly, this place can become your loving second home. Comfortable chairs, quality, unlimited coffee, gaming areas, video-conference ready meeting rooms, focus rooms, silent rooms and a support team of people looking out for your needs who really listen to your feedback. There are just a lot of things a good coworking space can offer you in terms of comfort, which in themselves provide a good value for your money.

For the Flexible Options

Whether you are an individual or you are looking for a space for your company, you will appreciate the many options you have in terms of setting up your membership, which will best reflect what you and your company need. Maybe things are straightforward and you just need an office for 5 people. But maybe you need an office for 5 people and some hot desks for not-so-regular employees. Or maybe you need your team to rotate in the office because that’s just how you work. You can flexibly establish the way your team operates.

For the Events

One of the most popular things happening in quality coworking spaces are the events. Think all sorts of different kinds of events: big IT conferences, workshops, meet-ups and community events such as breakfasts, parties and great networking events. Best of all, a good coworking space offers all of those to its members for free. For example, a coworking space may have a policy that any external event happening in their place is freely accessible to their members. This is in itself great value for your membership money, and if you take advantage of it you can learn new things and meet interesting people.

For the Extras

A coworking space is a flexible and fluid entity. There are a lot of things going on and members can and should take advantage of them. That’s what coworking spaces want anyway. Sometimes members show up with their own homemade cake to share with others in the community. Other times a company may hand out their product to members for free to give back or test it. Or a beekeeping member could bring his honey and waffle maker for everyone to try (this actually happened in our coworking space). The point is, there are many great things happening in coworking spaces and many of them are not even planned. They are what make joining one a worthwhile thought.