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Coworkers vs. Crisis #8 – Adam Gala from Grandaliro

Corona crisis and the pharmaceutical industry. How to communicate info about pandemia properly? We asked one of our Bratislava members - Grandaliro which sit in new HubHub Nivy Tower. Check the next episode of Coworkers vs. crisis.

by Alexandra Krchnavá 13.7.2020  |  3 min read Členovia
Coworkers vs. Crisis #8 – Adam Gala from Grandaliro

Adam Gala is a member of our brand new HubHub Nivy Tower. As co-founder of Grandaliro, a digital agency specialized in the pharmaceutical industry, has a lot of work in these times. How did his work change during corona crisis? Does he have any tips on how to handle it?


How did the current crisis affect your business?
As a digital agency specialized in the pharmaceutical industry, our core activities were not affected. This crisis showcased the need for quality information on health-related topics and power of direct digital communication for pharmaceutical companies.

On a day to day basis, some of our projects were prolonged and few of them were postponed due to the lack of clarity (what will happen) and because of some of them being tightly connected to the physical visits of doctors (not possible during the peak of the pandemia).

How did you adapt to this situation?
We are a young and flexible company so working from home was not an issue for us.
From the sales point of view, we put more focus on the education of our clients on how to have the right digital approach towards patients and also HCPs (doctors). The pharmaceutical industry is heavily related to trust (trust between patients and doctors, doctors and pharma companies, etc.). Our main focus has become to build products and services, which enables us to develop or at least maintain trust between every party in the digital environment.

How did you help your clients to adapt?
Early on (a few days before the government reacted and imposed restrictions) we saw the huge demand for quality content online, so we built an informative website about COVID19 with the help of the medical community.

We have used this platform together with our clients to inform long term patients and minorities with severe health conditions about what they should do, not just about the COVID itself, but also with their conditions. This was especially helpful when no one knew what to do, and patients with special conditions were not being informed properly on how to approach their issues.

Currently, we are focused on aiding our clients with transforming physical events for doctors into the digital world. The medical industry is funded on continual learning of the doctors and the ability to share the knowledge. However, it has become nearly impossible to provide this education in the traditional sense. After identifying this issue, we have started to feel a strong push to provide our clients, doctors and other healthcare professionals with sufficient tools and measures to learn and connect online with while maintaining the benefits of physical events (privacy/interactions/knowledge sharing…)

Your key learning points?
The phrase every company is an IT company is no longer just a phrase. The medical industry is figuring it out the hard way, when caught off-guard by the rapid changes in the environment, they suddenly needed to figure out how to stay connected with the patients and each other in these uncertain times.

It is helpful to look at other industries for their know-how. For example, commerce has figured out how to serve customers online, even better than in the physical world.
What pharma and a lot of other industries need to learn is that in the digital world, you need to do 100 things good to build something meaningful and functional. Any friction in the digital world will inevitably kill you.

What are your future goals?
Grow to other countries and further develop our product portfolio.

How can Grandaliro help other coworkers in HubHub?
Knowledge sharing and introduction to relevant people in different locations. This network gained by the proximity can prove to be invaluable if utilized right.

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