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Coworkers vs. Crisis #10 – Andrzej Wierzchon from TERRITORY Influence

Tenth edition of our Coworkers vs. crisis series! This time with member of our Warsaw's HubHub, Andrzej Wierzchon from TERRITORY Influence.

by Monika Dubas 27.8.2020  |  3 min read Členovia
Coworkers vs. Crisis #10 – Andrzej Wierzchon from TERRITORY Influence

Andrzej Wierzchon is senior Business Development Manager at TERRITORY Influence, consumer and influence marketing company, a part of the much larger international structure of the Bertelsmann Group. The portfolio of TERRITORY Influence solutions include trnd – the largest consumer community in Europe with thousands of successful campaigns for numerous brands representing almost whole categories e.g. FMCG, banking, OTC, etc. and the InCircles – largest platform designed for implementing worldwide brand activities with paid Influencers activating consumers of their products. How do they fight the crisis?


What is your occupation?

I am responsible for building sales and close relations with our partners on CEE markets. I actively share my experience in marketing, including marketing strategy and influence marketing. The Territory Influence company has been operating on the European market since 2005. We cover all aspects of connecting brands with their consumers online and offline, as well as optimization and comprehensive implementation of activities with a full range of paid and unpaid influencers. We’ve created over 2,500 campaigns with joy and passion.

How did the current crisis affect your business?

The pandemic period was completely new and unpredictable situation for us and our partners. First weeks were full of stress, because of the transformation of our work. We had to get used to working from home, instead of typical office work. Our partners are mostly companies from the FMCG segment, therefore, the actions stopped due to freezing budgets. We had to act quickly to find new clients and take their chance. The period of home lockdown changed people’s approach to online shopping. They began to drive the e-commerce market actively, buying products that they would normally buy in stationary stores. That is why, we began to pay more attention to opinions about the products we intended to buy, we participated more often in social media, and most importantly, we began to describe our experience with products based on our own feelings. Our role was to managed resources and organize it so that knowledge flowing directly from the consumer channel would be more useful to the customers. Observing trends in Poland, in CEE or in the EU, I can say that many industries have strongly felt the decline in the market, but from the other side a lot of us have discovered a completely new path and new opportunities. I think that the strength of the impact of the virus on the market surprised us. The most important thing is to quickly recover, look at new challenges with open mind full of initiatives and finally learn to trust and help each other.

How did you adapt to this situation?

Adapting to this situation was based on seeking and presenting new opportunities that results from closing the customers’ brands at home. We always rely on facts and that is why, to understand the situation better, we did some reports. We have detected new interesting aspects of connecting consumers with brand. To expand cooperation of brands with consumers or find a new one, we have built a constant dialogue between both parties. We immediately shared our experiences and conclusions with current and new – potential partners.

Your key learning point?

During the lockdown, and now, when I regularly go to the office, I can say that thoughtful and balanced reactions in business are the most important. Speed of action can often lead to failures and when you act slowly with a full sense and knowledge of situation you may get better results. From my experience, trust, openness and willingness to communicate have resulted in many excellent contacts. We still feel that we can do much more. The awareness that I can count on a creative and dedicated team is a very motivating factor thanks to which I can look ahead with hope and smile.

What are your future goals?

Being responsive and sensitive in the context of new challenges for both my organization and the needs of our partners. For obvious reasons, we are constantly looking for new partners, giving them the opportunity to build, based on our TERRITORY INFLUENCE experience, a dialogue with their consumers.

How can you help other coworkers in HubHub?

In my opinion, the area is very wide, because both my professional experience in the context of generally understood marketing and strictly what we do at TERRITORY Influence, i.e. building a real brand image, and its products based on real consumer experience, can be useful lesson to others. Of course, I invite you to contact me or my partner Rafał Krauze, for example to the online meeting, where we will be able to talk and exchange experiences in the above-mentioned areas. We adhere to the principle that you just need to help yourself and be open to others – thanks to that we have the chance to meet fantastic people and many interesting cases.

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