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The world of business comprises numerous sandboxes: for start-ups, education professionals, and corporates. Our mission is to create a huge sandbox, where everyone can play, cooperate and learn from each other. A vibrant community that sparks creativity and progress.

Our members

The right mix of members creates the spirit of HubHub. Our members vary from small idea startups, big growing scaleups, to corporations. Our members share the same basic values that make them into a vibrant community. We hand-picked our members to make sure we stand behind what we promise – the most innovative and engaged companies. Big or small, we see vision, not size.

Cooperation with corporations

Looking for innovation? Our community yearns to grow while you seek inspiration. Workshops for employees, organizing hackathons, testing prototypes, promoting values, and full access to the HubHub community – virtual and physical. The sky is the limit for our mutual beneficial relationship – a positive and supportive synergy that supports all contributors. This is the place.

Cooperation with NGOs

Educating people, helping them grow personally and professionally. Sounds like you? Then you’re at the right place. We encourage and value every attractive idea – speak your mind freely and confidently. We embrace every valuable opportunity to cooperate. Bringing added value to the community…? Where do we sign?

Michal Pastier

Creative Director @ Exponea

Martin Janovcik

Expert on travel and ecommerce, Former CMO @

Frantisek Klincko

Head of Sales & Marketing @ Home Credit

Jozef Kovac

Co-founder @ Exponea

Daniela Vunhu

Former Head of Global PR @ Sygic

Kamil Aujesky

CEO @ SamSiDigital agency

Zuzana Nehajova

Head of Innovation @ Ernst & Young

Michal Semelak

Head of Startegy @ UP21 Accelerator

Cooperation with mentors

HubHub is a natural magnet for talent – their success stories and hard-won life lessons and experience – are inspiring for all. The truth of mentorship: too much is never enough. Consider yourself an expert and want to get on board? Then come along for the ride. The takeaway message: let’s do it now.

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