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5 of the biggest things that happened in tech in March

1.4.2020  |  4 min read Uncategorized
5 of the biggest things that happened in tech in March

Despite Coronavirus news dominating the headlines this month as nearly the entire planet is sent into lockdown, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot happening in the world of tech.

If you’ve been working too hard to notice and haven’t been able to keep on top, don’t worry – here’s your chance to catch up as we enter the month of April. 

This is what we at HubHub consider to be the biggest news in tech in March 2020, in case you missed it.


Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect tech

Some of the world’s most powerful conglomerates are tech companies, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been affected the same as everyone else. Even the biggest players have had to implement strategies to prevent the spread of the virus. This month, Google cancelled its huge annual Google I/O conference, while the likes of Facebook and Adobe cancelled or moved conferences to online-only formats. This works out to a loss of $500 million for the industry in total, we hear. Ouch. 

On the flip side, experts on the New York Times have predicted that tech behemoths such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft will come out on the other side of the current pandemic even stronger than before. From Amazon increasing its workforce to traffic soaring on social sites YouTube and Instagram, things are looking up for the tech world right now. 


Tech giants partner with WHO for Coronavirus hackathon

A host of tech companies, namely Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, WeChat, TikTok, Pinterest, Slack, and Giphy, have partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote software development in response to the pandemic. Called #BuildforCOVID19, the hackathon will offer support to participants as they brainstorm ideas and create prototypes, reports CNBC.


Apple launches new toys; rumoured to launch iPhone 9 

Not all this month’s news is tainted with the novel coronavirus. On a more positive note, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, brought us all some non-pandemic related news with the launch of the brand’s latest creations, the 2020 iPad Pro and MacBook Air. One notable feature on the new iPads is their ability to capture video in 4K, which might be handy considering video conferencing has become the new norm for work and play.

While not official just yet, Apple is also rumoured to be launching a brand new iPhone in a matter of weeks. Industry insiders say the long-rumoured iPhone 9 is now in production and will supposedly launch on 15 April being much cheaper – costing from as little as £399.


HouseParty app denies hacking claims 

One app that’s shot to success in recent weeks is Houseparty – the group video platform that is the most downloaded app in the UK for March. However, since rumours surfaced that downloading the app led to other services such as Netflix and Spotify being hacked, the owners have offered a $1m (£810,750) reward for evidence the company was the victim of a commercial smear campaign.


YouTube throttles bandwidth

If you’re an avid YouTube k-hole subscriber, you might have already noticed that the video streaming site has started throttling bandwidth on its platform worldwide, limiting its video quality to standard definition (SD). The news came after regulators asked streaming sites to reduce bandwidth as standard due to every man and his dog moving online of late. Although those who demand higher definition shouldn’t fret; you can still watch videos in HD, you just have to manually switch to it while in watch mode.




Lee Bell – Freelance journalist & copywriter

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