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16.7.2019  |  6 min read By Gaia Arzilli

Want to be a freelancer? 

Being a freelancer is becoming increasingly popular. But what are the real advantages and disadvantages of freelance work? 

24.6.2019  |  6 min read

Meet Zsanett, the startup matchmaker of OTP LAB

As HubHub Budapest is still fresh meat on the Hungarian coworking office market, we are happy to make new friendships with other market players. That’s why we are flattered to work together with OTP Lab and support each other‚s goals to...

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16.9.2020  |  5 min read by Gaia Arzilli

Career planning in uncertain job market conditions

The past months have brought about fundamental changes in the world of work: industries and enterprises are fighting for survival, working to transform strategies, services, products, minimising their costs or even laying off some of their workforce.

13.7.2020  |  3 min read by Gaia Arzilli

Coworkers vs. Crisis #8 – Adam Gala from Grandaliro

Corona crisis and the pharmaceutical industry. How to communicate info about pandemia properly? We asked one of our Bratislava members - Grandaliro which sit in new HubHub Nivy Tower. Check the next episode of Coworkers vs. crisis.

10.7.2020  |  3 min read

Coworkers vs. Crisis #7 – Michal Stachnik from Cisco

Even "big" HubHub members such as corporations have to face the coronavirus situation. Next part of our Coworkers vs. Crisis series unveils some information from Cisco thanks to its GM for Slovak and Czech Republic Michal Stachnik!

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