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5 innovative European projects fighting the coronavirus

26.3.2020  |  5 min read Uncategorized
5 innovative European projects fighting the coronavirus

This coronavirus situation has negatively changed our daily life and has brought dozens of bad news with it. However, we decided to bring you some positive news. Positive thinking is important, right? 😊

Our team has identified promising startups, innovative companies, and institutions from all countries where HubHub is present. These companies decided to fight coronavirus and help the world during a crisis. We salute them… and you? You can read their stories below, and hopefully, get inspired!


CIIRC CTU (, Czech Republic)

The Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague developed a completely new respirator “CIIRC RP95-3D” made thanks to 3D printing technology. What under normal circumstances takes months, was solved in seven days. The development, production of the prototype, and certification took just one week. The final model was successfully certified as a half-mask with FFP3 safety level on Friday, March 20. Prototypes were handed to the Czech Ministry of Health and tested by the hospitals. The next step will be to put this in mass production, producing almost 10,000 pieces a day. The mask can be used repeatedly and can be printed on 3D printers anywhere in the world.


BenevolentAI (, UK)

BenevolentAI integrates AI technologies at every step of the drug discovery process: From early discovery to late-stage clinical development. This London-based startup used its predictive tools to find drugs, which can slow down/affect COVID-19. One of them was baricitinib, a prescription for rheumatoid arthritis, which could slow down the infection of lungs.


Bondweaver (, Hungary)

BondWeaver provides predictive modelling services, data-driven analytics, and tools to identify, visualise, and analyse the organic working structures among people.
They have decided to offer their software free of charge to the government of Hungary and EU institutions, which could be helpful in the fight against COVID-19.


Urbicum (Video by Urbicum, Poland)

Urbicum is a Polish 3D printers manufacturer. The company’s engineers have designed a 3D-printed ventilator (known as “artificial lungs”) that helps those suffering from the coronavirus. The company has published instructions on their website for anyone to create their version of the ventilator for free. The total cost of components should not exceed €44, so it could help many people in emerging countries, where the health sector is underdeveloped. More info above (YouTube link). by (, Slovakia)

Official call centres are overloaded by tons of questions related to the spread of coronavirus. So Slovak platform made a chatbot, where Slovak citizens can ask essential questions about COVID-19. It uses official sources like the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic or WHO. It can answer up to 80 % of the questions instead of letting people saturate the official call centres.

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