Purpose of the role

We are looking for a talented and passionate Brand & Marketing Manager. This full-time position will report directly to the Country Manager and allow the individual to be a part of the most innovative space in the country. The role will allow for the individual to help establish brand and marketing strategy; plan, coordinate and execute communication activities to ensure consistency. HubHub allows for the individual to get to know the local startup and corporate ecosystem, create a lifelong network and work with team of young professionals with passion for entrepreneurship and collaboration.

The Brand & Marketing Manager will support the Country Manager to achieve the following:

1. Working with Event, Business Development and Community Managers to ensure consistent and effective communication for target audiences.

2. Managing end-to-end brand and marketing strategy for the country in collaboration with 3rd parties and other departments.

3. Understanding the audiences to create valuable marketing & PR content and events


  • Create and coordinate a brand strategy and marketing plan
  • Coordinate, create and execute Marketing, PR and Communication activities to ensure brand consistency
  • Set and implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies
  • Provide engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts
  • Plan community events with Event Manager
  • Attending industry events to boost awareness of our brand
  • Create a co-working community with a friendly, collaborative atmosphere where businesses can thrive and cooperate efficiently


  • Extensive knowledge of online marketing
  • Experience working with WordPress, marketing database, email, social media or outdoor advertising campaigns
  • Sales and PR experience is welcomed
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English (background in journalism is welcomed)
  • Proficiency in English and Polish is a must
Other Relevant Skills
  • Interested in new trends in communication
  • Natural networker
  • Curious, energetic person with a taste for action
  • Passion for startups and entrepreneurial communities


    *Required fields