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16.7.2019  |  6 min read By Gaia Arzilli

Want to be a freelancer? 

Being a freelancer is becoming increasingly popular. But what are the real advantages and disadvantages of freelance work? 

4.9.2019  |  6 min read

Start-up law: 6 things to keep in mind

Start-ups are fast-growing companies led by one or a few entrepreneurs designed to introduce unique services and products to the market while developing a scalable business model.

Latest news

7.4.2021  |  3 min read by Vanda Sulyok

Meet Our Members – Recart – Soma Tóth

New month, new member interview. Recart is currently in the top 10 hottest Startups according to the Hungarian Forbes magazine and we asked their CEO, Soma Tóth, about the past, present and future of his company.

12.3.2021  |  4 min read by Lucia Zimanová

Legal Clinic with Taylor Wessing

We know that these times are challenging to stay in touch with our valuable community. So, we try to find a new way of how to support and help you grow.

9.3.2021  |  2 min read by Soňa Belyusová

HubHub Member – HealthMode Announced Worldwide Success

Great success over here! HealthMode announced big news! The digital medicine and therapeutics start-up got to the view-finder to a Canadian biotechnical company MindMed and was sold for tens of million dollars. 

8.3.2021  |  4 min read by Vanda Sulyok

Meet Our Members – iWebMa – Éva Vajda

We interviewed one of our most successful female leaders in HubHub Budapest, Éva Vajda, the Managing Director of iWebMa. Her company is a long term member of HubHub, and her team never misses a community event which we are ever so grateful for. 

24.2.2021  |  4 min read by Simona Nedeljaková

Meet Our Members – SPIR

We caught up with Tereza Tůmová, PR Manager at SPIR to find out who they are, what makes them tick and why they chose HubHub as their Prague base. A big round of applause for them!

16.2.2021  |  4 min read by Simona Nedeljaková

Meet Our Members – StreamBee 

This February, HUBHUB Czech Republic got a new member in our hive – StreamBee. Martin Blokša and Jakub Blokša are the co-founders of new startup showing how to fly through tracking and analytics for Streamers and Influence Marketing. 

10.2.2021  |  4 min read by Szabolcs Farkas

Meet Our Member – ENERHASH

Can you tell a little about  yourselves and what you do?  I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of an energy tech company, Enerhash. We provide a solution for energy companies to maximize the value of power generation by connecting our decentralized...

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