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Partnership is the key

As the famous poem goes: No man is an island entire of itself. Our aim is to transform each location where we are located into a new epicentre of innovation. We cooperate with established corporations, local community players and investors who share our values and our forward-looking mindset to create an interlinked innovative ecosystem.

Corporate partnerships

Want to become an innovation leader?

HuhHub is the place to go! We help corporations streamline big ideas, enable quick pilots, and bring products to market faster through collaboration with cutting-edge startups and innovation experts. Truly serious about innovation? Let’s get in touch.


Looking for the next big thing?

Your next investment could be one of our members! We seek the most promising companies and connect them with corporations and industry experts to foster their growth. If you would like direct access, reach out.

Education & NGO organizations

Interested in building a better future?

Do it with us! We have a long journey ahead and we’re looking for organizations to help us build an ecosystem. Whether a coding school or community event, if you’re looking for the best space to host them, let us know.


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