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Meet our partners! ReaktorX

During Up with HubHub - our series of networking events, we're pair up with prominent startup ecosystem players. This time it was ReaktorX that joined us. Check out this pre-acceleration program and their startups in this short article.

by Aleksandra Owczarek 19.8.2021  |  5 min read Coworking
Meet our partners! ReaktorX

Today, we sat down with Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska – Head of Acceleration at ReaktorX. We discussed their mission, best memories, and surprising fact about their work with startups. ReaktorX is a pre-acceleration program and our partner during the third edition of our flagship summer event – Up with HubHub!  Discover more about their work!


  1.    What is your mission at ReaktorX, and why do you do what you do? 

ReaktorX’s mission is to support startups at an early stage of development. We know how many challenges future founders await at the beginning of the entrepreneurial path, so we try to support them with mentoring, workshops with the best specialists from around the world and business contacts. And in all of this, we are guided by the mission of Reaktor Warsaw, which was established organically by founders for founders to support each other in the community.


  1.    What is your best memory connected with your work at ReaktorX? 

The best memory of my work at ReaktorX is the opportunity to meet founders live, at our events or on other occasions. Working on the program is very hard for everyone, and the amount of emotion when we finally can shake our hands is priceless.


  1.    How do your personal interests influence your professional life? 

My life has always been around technologies and innovations that have been of great inspiration to me. Surrounding myself with startups helps me stay up to date with new products and support them at the same time.


  1.    What would surprise us about ReaktorX? 

We’re a female-led accelerator which supports female founders a lot, but not only, of course. Some statistics say that around 60% of the batch has at least one female founder in their team, and the last batch supported a few all-female teams. We’re super proud of it!


  1.    How many startups have you supported? 

We have supported startups with the ReaktorX program since 2017 – right now preparing the 10th edition! We accelerated 90+ startups from 14 different countries so far. Over 50% of the portfolio companies are still active and 25% of them raised funding with an average ticket of 180k EUR.


  1.   What are the advantages of working with the HubHub team? 

It’s great to have a partner who understands the importance of building relationships and community, so HubHub always supports ReaktorX in its most creative initiatives to build these startup communities. We know many great specialists on board HubHub, but also fantastic friends in private lives, thanks to which our work together is both useful and incredibly nice.


  1.   What do you think about Up with HubHub and how did you like organizing it?

The Up with HubHub initiative is a perfect solution for the business world that went online. We see that founders and mentors struggle to build relationships with each other if the only chance for them to meet is during an online Zoom meeting. That’s why we were more than happy to join the initiative and organising it, connecting different worlds and making sure that we can spend valuable but easy-going time was great.

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