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Meet Our Members – StreamBee 

This February, HUBHUB Czech Republic got a new member in our hive – StreamBee. Martin Blokša and Jakub Blokša are the co-founders of new startup showing how to fly through tracking and analytics for Streamers and Influence Marketing. 

by Simona Nedeljaková 16.2.2021  |  4 min read Coworking
Meet Our Members – StreamBee 

Can you tell us a little more that who StreamBee are and what is your intention?  

StreamBee builds analytics and tools for live streamers on platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming. Our mission is to help millions of streamers to grow and monetize their streams by providing them actionable insights. 

If you could sum up, how the pandemic situation affected your business? 

We’re one of the few industries to benefit from COVID-19. In our case, both the gaming and live streaming industries have exploded in growth. The viewership numbers grew by +81% YOY in 2020. And with more viewers, there are now also significantly more streamers. Every month more than 10 million people stream to platforms like Twitch, Youtube or Facebook and the competition is becoming very steer. And that is where StreamBee comes in help and supports the streamers with in-depth analytics and actionable insights on their path of converting their passion into a sustainable career. Our only regret is not being able to enter the market faster 🙂 

What do you consider as the biggest advantage of working in HubHub 

Networking! An expert who can help you solve your problems could be sitting literally 10 meters away from your desk. You could run into a person who knows an investor you would like to talk to and can give you an introduction. Or maybe there’s a person who knows someone who could fill your job vacancy you’ve been trying to fill for months now. Especially in big co-workings like HubHub there’s a constant flow of new members and new networking opportunities. 

Based on this point, how can you give a hand to other HubHubers? 

I can help with a few things!   

Live Streaming / Esports / Influencer Marketing… do you need a consultation? Are you trying to start doing streams for your business? Or start streaming yourself in your free time? Do you need an introduction to space, or are you looking for some connections within the industry? I can help! 

Mentoring for earlystage startups & entrepreneurs. Do you have an idea you would like to convert into abusiness or startup? Are you already working on it and need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out. I am currently mentor for multiple startup organizations in Czechia and have been helping ambitious and driven people for some time. 

Product Management: I have 6+ years of Product Management experience, I am happy to help out with any Product challenges or explain to you the basics. I’ve been doing workshops about Product Management for 3+ years now. 

Do you have any online tweaks for 2021 which you like to recommend with us?  

My first tip would be Discord! Throw Slack away and switch to Discord. It’s like Slack and Zoom combined into one. You have both text and voice/video channels on your server. And the best part of it? It’s completely free!  

My second tip would be Clubhouse. It’s a new social media platform for voice calls. It’s a great place to network and meet other professionals in your space/industry. It’s like running into strangers in the bar lobby at your industry’s conference and having a chat with them. Also, it allows you to get closer to some industry leaders, experts or influencers which you wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise. 




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