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Meet Our Members – SPIR

We caught up with Tereza Tůmová, PR Manager at SPIR to find out who they are, what makes them tick and why they chose HubHub as their Prague base. A big round of applause for them!

by Simona Nedeljaková 24.2.2021  |  4 min read Coworking
Meet Our Members – SPIR

What does your business do?

For 20 years, the Association for Internet Progress (SPIR) represents the most important players in the Czech Internet economy from among publishers, media agencies, and technology companies. The membership base of the association currently has a total of 35 members. The services offered by SPIR members are used by over 8 million people in the Czech Republic. SPIR operates the only official measurement of Czech Internet traffic NetMonitor , monitoring of Internet advertising, AdMonitoring, and provides expert analyzes of the development of the Czech Internet market. Every year SPIR prepares online adspends research and, organizes the IAC professional conference on internet marketing. SPIR is a member of IAB Europe (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the largest European professional organization covering companies in digital marketing and advertising ecosystems.

The biggest advantage of working in a coworking office?

We at SPIR have opted for coworking because even if the digital industry is about connecting people online it can’t have the right effect without being in close contact also offline. We are looking forward to cooperating with newborn businesses and with other companies’ operating in the digital field based in HubHub.

Key learning point for the pandemic situation?

A surprising learning point for the pandemic situation was a discovery that working from the office may be considered as a benefit. Even if the first impression of online meetings was better than expected, we definitely prefer to see, hear and feel the presence of the others offline.

Best new tool to work with in 2020 you would recommend to others?! We made even the association general meeting with 50+ attendees online without any major technical problem.

How can you help other HubHubers? How can other HubHubers help you?

We can help for instance others in measuring their web real users so they get comparable numbers and can have a better image of their position on the Czech internet. When we get to know the other HubHubers we will be happy to benefit from their knowledge and experiences.




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