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Meet Our Members – native

This month HubHub London virtually caught up with one of our newest members – native. Below, Founder Nick Musto tells us what native do and how they are keeping university students entertained and connected with one another during Covid.

by Sophie Bacon 13.1.2021  |  5 min read Members
Meet Our Members – native

Can tell us a little about who native are and what you do?

Our core mission has always been about helping students have the best time at university. native was originally created as an event discovery platform, helping students find amazing experiences on and off-campus. It helped students navigate the hundreds of events going on each week and prevented them from missing out.

Since starting the business at university, we grew out of our hometown of Brighton, and we realised that the problem was bigger than just event discovery, it was the whole ecosystem being incredibly inefficient. The difficulty in getting onto campus as an event organiser or brand means that there are less content and events on campus.

As of today, native helps power all the events technology and content for over 35 universities in the UK and Ireland, helping universities better engage their students and brands easily reach the student market.

What inspired you to create native?

When I first went to university, like most people, my number one fear and apprehension was around making a completely new set of friends.

In my university town and on-campus there were over 400 events in my first week and I found it impossible to find to the right events and meet the right, like-minded students.

Students deserve to have the best time at university and going to amazing experiences whilst making great friends is a big part of it.

What is in the pipeline for native over the next 12 months?

Currently, we’re rolling out our last programme of virtual events for the academic year before we move onto planning for Freshers 2021 which will hopefully be in real life! Our 2021 consists of adding more universities onto the platform, continuing to build out the functionality for our clients and some large tours in Q4.

How did you adapt to online events during Covid times?

A big part of our business has been powering physical events for universities and as soon as we knew students were going back to campus but were unable to take part in any of the usual activity going on, we knew we had to provide a virtual solution.
We set about building, on top of our ticketing system, an authenticated container for virtual content to sit behind, helping organisers host virtual content end to end in their own white-labelled platform.

What was your favourite event hosted by native in 2020?

We had Warwick Davis host our Harry Potter quiz and the sheer amount of engagement we had from students was crazy.

Why did you choose HubHub as your London base?

After our last co-working space shut down, we wanted somewhere central, with nice break out spaces and had towels!

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