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Meet our Members – Listny Cud

Meet Matylda Szurle - the CEO of Listny Cud - a future friendly vertical farm producing Microleaves in the heart of Warsaw.

by Aleksandra Owczarek 2.12.2021  |  3 min read Coworking
Meet our Members – Listny Cud

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what led you to Listny Cud?

My name is Matylda, I like food, trains, reading and to overanalyze things 😉 I am 30 and so far I’ve had quite diversified professional experience. For example, I worked both in a strategic consulting company, in a state-owned enterprise, in an NGO, for a charity foundation and for a small training company. And I have been driven to purpose-focused work since high school, i.e. I did my Masters’ in Emerging Economies and International Development. 2 years ago, I met Misza and Grabo from Quickly, it turned out that we have quite similar working vibe (I call it a “moral compass”) and that they have a very interesting project at an MVP stage, waiting to be further developed and flourish. And that is how my journey with Listny Cud started 🙂 So now I develop a startup (with a great team), and all those previous experiences come in handy – from developing excel models to managing a team.

What are microleaves and how vertical farms work?

We are an agritech startup – at Listny Cud we are growing healthy and tasty greens in urban vertical farms. Vertical farms are indoor growing environments where plants are grown in stacks.

Currently, we offer 8 types of microgreens grown in the automated lighting and watering conditions – they are local and eco (we have an eco certificate). Our unique production technology enables us to use zero single-use plastic and compared with other solutions available on the market we are more cost effective.

What are microgreens? They are immature plants, containing higher level of microelements and vitamins than adult plants. They are also a great source of antioxidants. Plus they are tasty and flexible, just check out some of the options. Currently we grow i.e. rocket, peas, radish and red cabbage.


Why are you passionate about what you do?

On one hand – working in a startup means you are never bored and you are creating something new. Every week is different and we are building something. Even if sometimes it might be slightly too alternating, overall it gives me a lot of joy and energy. On the other – our mission is to improve food production in a way that is better for us and the planet. Knowing that through our actions we help counteract the climate crisis drives me a lot. I just turn fear and anxiety into action.

What do think I’d be most surprised to find out about your business?

How sustainable is this solution and how tasty are microgreens. I have seen it so many times when someone is trying them for the first time – this smile and surprise at once 🙂

What are the most valuable things HubHub offered you?

People. I love the entire HubHub team. Plus, thanks to HubHub, I’ve met some super cool people working in other startups. It is so nice to share coffee, beer and entrepreneurs’ perspectives and experiences 🙂

Your best day at HubHub?

It is a mix of nice coffee (filtered coffee forever), meetings with people (or lunch at India Gate for a lunch) and focus time in the quiet library room. I like combinig the social aspect of working at a cowork with efficient work. And then it is Friday and we have karaoke 🙂

What would you recommend HubHub for?

I’d recomment HubHub for providing an environment in which you can not only develop your businsess, but also develop as a business person.

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