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Meet Our Members – BIO UV Group – Axel Parent

As the borders are slowly opening up, we traveled to France (although only in our imagination) to interview Axel, one of our new(ish) international members to find out a little more about what he is doing here in Budapest.

by Vanda Sulyok 11.5.2021  |  4 min read Coworking
Meet Our Members – BIO UV Group – Axel Parent

Can you tell a little about yourself and your company?

I am Axel, I am French and originally from Paris region. I have been living in Budapest for more than 2 years already.

I work as Export Area Manager for BIO-UV Group, a company based in the South of France, close to Montpellier. We design and manufacture water treatment solutions using UV and Ozone technologies. These solutions are highly efficient for disinfection purpose, improve water quality and are able to reduce or completely avoid the use of chemicals. The possible applications are broads: swimming pools, aquaparks, drinking water, industrial use, waste water, aquaculture, aquariums… We also have a marine division for ballast boat water treatment and another one for surface treatment due to covid crisis demand.

What do you enjoy the most in your job?

As manufacturer of solutions, we always develop partnerships in every country we export, who will promote our systems and work as an intermediary between us and the end-customer. I really like these collaborations and relationships we are building. This allow me to travel in the countries I am in charge, meet people, discover their culture and the way they are doing business.

What brought you to Hungary?

I was initially in charge of an European Export zone going from Switzerland to Bulgaria. Hungary is very central in this zone, very well located to travel and meet partners of the area. Beside this, I personally enjoy living in Budapest, so I’ve decided to remain working from here, even if my export zone has extended to Africa recently.

What do you think are the advantages of working in a foreign country?

In a business point of view, it’s quite interesting for customers to know we have a regional presence. I am close to them, I can easily visit them for meetings, trainings or support them on their projects. Probably the environment plays a role in the daily life, and you just enjoy being abroad, discover new things.

Why did you choose HubHub as your working space?

The place is spacious, comfortable and very well located in the city. I really enjoy the atmosphere in Hubhub, the building and services included. This is also the perfect kind of place to make people or companies connect to each other through events or any special occasions.

What are your ambitions for 2021?

I want to continue to grow the presence in my export zone, extend the partners portfolio and the number of projects we cover. Being living here, I personally want to find more opportunities in the Hungarian market, so it’s always good to spread the word about our UV – Ozone disinfection solutions and let people know what we do.


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