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Lendo will advise you how to take a loan and save money

Lendo provides a platform that makes lending money a simple process.

by Alexandra Krchnavá 25.9.2019  |  8 min read Members
Lendo will advise you how to take a loan and save money

It helps clients avoid wasting time, red tape and unnecessary charges when interacting with banks and financial institutions. Their advantage over the competition is comfort, simplicity and easy access to services.

These attributes fit nicely to our coworking space, which Lendo chose for its activities in Poland. If you are wondering how to easily arrange a loan from the comfort of your home or you want to look into the world of online banking, read our interview with Monika Talaga-Piotrowska, Marketing Director of Lendo in Poland.


If you have to describe Lendo by one sentence what would you say?

Lendo is an independent, a fully digital end to end broker of loans. We deliver automized, customer centric and free of charge service connecting consumers with banks and financial institutions. If one had to describe us in one sentence it would be:  Your credit without intermediate.


Lendo is a successful platform from the Scandinavian countries. What are your plans and goals in Poland?

We have been on the Scandinavian markets since 2007 and currently we are the biggest online broker in Sweden, Norway and TOP3 in Finland, moving closer and closer to becoming a leader on that market as well. Since start in Sweden, which is a market of about 10 million, we’ve gained over 1.5 million customers. We are growing rapidly and in recent months, we have launched our branches in Denmark, Austria and Poland. Currently we are running in Poland a country-wide media campaign, including TV-commercials, to show the advantages of Lendo and introduce our communication platform.  Our goal is to be biggest on-line broker in Poland, and dominate the market.

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What does your service offer to customers and how is it different than other financial intermediaries?

How does Lendo work? The company connects consumers looking for a loan with financial institutions – banks and loan companies. The whole process is handled online, in one place. After submitting a loan application, the customer receives customized loan offers from banks and loan companies to later sign an agreement with the lender. In most cases, customers will be able to do this online, from the comfort of their home. Convenience, simplicity and easy access to comprehensive offers – these are the core elements which give Lendo an edge over its competitors.


How much customers do you have in this time? And how does your customer look like?

Lendo in Poland started its commercial activity only a few months ago. We are currently at the stage of a nationwide advertising campaign, after which we will be ready to present this type of data.


How do you see the future of retail banking?

In my opinion, the future of the retail banking will focus on the customer, innovation and technology. Almost every financial institution is currently customer oriented. For a fintech company such as Lendo, however the client is the most important and we put his satisfaction and experience first. We expect this trend to continue gaining importance in the upcoming years. Another important trend in the near future will be the transition from the domination of branches to domination on the Internet, alongside the development of innovative services and advanced technologies. Thanks to a greater access to data and a better use of it, financial institutions will be able to offer more comprehensive services, and better tailored to the needs of the consumer. We expect that in the coming years, thanks to fintech companies, most of the financial aspects of consumer life will be digitalized.


Who pays for your service?

Lendo is completely free for the consumer. We do not charge any fees; instead, once the transaction is finalized, the company is paid by the financial institutions whose loan offer has been chosen by the client. At Lendo, the customer chooses the best offer. Nobody tries to  influence or persuade him. No one suggest what to choose, the client receives a transparent list of offers and himself chooses the one which he believes best meets his expectations.

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Are customers in Poland prepared to consume financial services online?

Poland is a highly promising market and we expect to see a rapid growth of on-line lending services in the near future. This is what happened in Sweden and Norway when we started offering our services there. Poland has a large market and good indicators regarding loans or consumer wealth. We can see that Polish consumers are more and more willing to use various on-line services, this also applies to the financial ones. Online money lending is faster, easier and more convenient.


How big is your team and how could you descripe them?

Currently, 8 people work in the Lendo Polska team. Our CMO, the head of the product, the head of customer relationship with his team and marketing team: me and digital specialist


Could you imagine to use your services by yourselve?

If I had to take out a loan, I would use my platform. It is simply process and without running around, waste of time, bureaucracy, fees.


How important is educateing your customers.

It is very important to educate clients on issues related to taking loans. Consumers do not understand the complex process, difficult language used in the terminology of the financial market. Simple instructions and useful articles on how to take credit, what the consumer should know about the process, distinguish between costs, terminology etc. We will be continuing to develop the educational part of our platform and we intend to launch a blog in the near future.

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Tell us where you spend the most time in HubHub?

Of course I spend the most time in our Lendo office, a lot of time in conference rooms and playing ping-pong 🙂


Which is the best place to focus while working?

I have no requirements for such a place, I can concentrate in all conditions 🙂


What is your ideal place for meetings?

More formal meetings – conference rooms,  less – common space in Hubhub which is modern and comfortable.


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