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Finding a new workspace is a headache startups don’t need

12.2.2020  |  3 min read London – 20 Farringdon Street
Finding a new workspace is a headache startups don’t need

So you’ve grown your equity, team and portfolio, and now need to make the next step in finding a workspace that reflects your elevated position as a business.


But here in lies a problem that so many small-to-medium-sized businesses face, especially those in the tech field: how the hell can you find time to go house hunting when you and your team are busier than ever? And, can you – despite your growth – gamble on spending more now on a new, larger office, without knowing whether your growth is sustainable?


At least one thing in your head is clear – it is worth getting that new space you dream off. It’s no longer just about showing off to your clients either, studies by our parent company HB Reavis, have shown that employees feel their productivity increases by up to 80% in the right office environment. The lighting in our HubHub space alone, which mimics natural circadian rhythms, has been shown to improve productivity by 10%, which is real bang for your buck if you’re a business looking for a quick way to get that extra edge.


This isn’t something that’s just been recognised by those at the c-suite level, either, it’s becoming universally recognised amongst a younger generation who are demanding more from their office space in terms of how it enhances their well-being and performance. As such, it’s become a recruitment issue, as well as one of performance.


Of course, co-working itself has changed and improved the game; no fit-out times, no stress over how much space you need, just rock up, plug in and – if all goes well – ask your landlord (or HubHub!) for a couple of extra passes and maybe a permanent desk or two.


But, while this revolution in working has major benefits once you’re set up and already in the building, the process of finding this space in the first place remains long-winded and full of difficulties, with thousands of options across Europe’s capitals to choose from, each with their own perks, benefits and costs.


That’s why we’ve teamed up with Matterport, to revolutionise the office leasing process. Below you’ll find a ‘Matterport’ scan, a 360-degree view and walk through of the HubHub office space. The space is ‘tagged’ at key points in the environment, to show what features we have that are going to improve your team’s performance (as well as a few little perks we have just for kicks). It’s the future of an office tour and, most importantly – you can do it all without ever having to leave your desk.


Tech-driven and fun, things like Matterport are going to save you the time and effort that you know can better spent elsewhere.


Who said hide and seek was just for kids?


Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, as within the Matterport scan of the HubHub co-working space is a hidden HubHub ‘H’ logo and the first 10 people to find it will win a special surprise…


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