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10.7.2019  |  12 min read By Gaia Arzilli

SuperScale: Big data phenomenon in the gaming industry

MatFyz's graduate Ivan Trančík was able to create a company that pioneered data analysis for gaming studios. In an interview with Ivan you will learn more about SuperScale business, its beginnings, and business-related matters of interest.

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19.4.2021  |  4 min read by Simona Nedeljaková

Meet Our Members – Eurovent

Did you know that Eurovent is sitting in HubHub Prague? This not-for-profit organisation and one of our newest member is representing more than 1.000 organisations in an industry that thinks 'Beyond HVACR'.

14.4.2021  |  5 min read by Aleksandra Owczarek

Meet our Members – Renderro!

From being a professional in film and TV to creating a startup that’s revolutionizing the creative industry – an interview with Piotr Chomczyk, CEO and Founder of Renderro (do not confuse with Ferrero)! 😊  

9.4.2021  |  4 min read by Simona Nedeljaková

Meet Our Members – #HolkyzMarketingu

Have you met our member #HolkyzMarketingu? Aneta Martinek, Pavlína Louženská and Lucie Audi have created a strong community that brings together senior and junior girls from startups and companies interested in marketing, advertising and technology.

29.3.2021  |  4 min read by Lucia Zimanová

Meet Our Members – KInIT – Maria Bielikova

We connected with an inspiring woman, Professor Mária Bieliková, Director General of KInIT. She tells us more about their institute, research, science and the decision to settle in Bratislava's HubHub.

17.3.2021  |  3 min read by Aleksandra Owczarek

Meet Our Members – Teach for Poland

We talked with Katarzyna Nabrdalik - CEO & Co-Founder at Teach for Poland - about their plans for the future, education system and why they chose HubHub as their working space!

9.3.2021  |  2 min read by Soňa Belyusová

HubHub Member – HealthMode Announced Worldwide Success

Great success over here! HealthMode announced big news! The digital medicine and therapeutics start-up got to the view-finder to a Canadian biotechnical company MindMed and was sold for tens of million dollars. 

24.2.2021  |  4 min read by Simona Nedeljaková

Meet Our Members – SPIR

We caught up with Tereza Tůmová, PR Manager at SPIR to find out who they are, what makes them tick and why they chose HubHub as their Prague base. A big round of applause for them!

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