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10.7.2019  |  12 min read By Gaia Arzilli

SuperScale: Big data phenomenon in the gaming industry

MatFyz's graduate Ivan Trančík was able to create a company that pioneered data analysis for gaming studios. In an interview with Ivan you will learn more about SuperScale business, its beginnings, and business-related matters of interest.

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31.1.2022  |  5 min read by Soňa Braunová

Five newsletters that will inspire you in 2022

Newsletters are a perfect way to keep informed when you are too busy to keep up with the daily news, and you are not a fan of mindless social media scrolling to find some exciting content for you. That is why we decided to put forward our favourite n

10.1.2022  |  5 min read by Soňa Braunová

Five podcasts to broaden your horizons in 2022

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to broaden your knowledge about what is going on in the world and around you, we have five tips for podcasts which help you do just that. 

16.12.2021  |  3 min read by Katarzyna Kalisz

Meet our Members – Tutlo!

Tutlo is dynamically growing scale-up revolutionizing the way we learn English. Discover their story in this short interview.

2.12.2021  |  3 min read by Katarzyna Kalisz

Meet our Members – Listny Cud

Meet Matylda Szurle - the CEO of Listny Cud - a future friendly vertical farm producing Microleaves in the heart of Warsaw.

24.11.2021  |  3 min read by Katarzyna Kalisz

Meet our Members – Foodsi!

Read an interview with our members - Foodsi - a startup saving food from waste. Find out how did they end up in HubHub, and how do they like it here! PS Make sure to download their app to you phone! It's worth it.

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