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10.7.2019  |  12 min read By Alexandra Krchnavá

SuperScale: Big data phenomenon in the gaming industry

MatFyz's graduate Ivan Trančík was able to create a company that pioneered data analysis for gaming studios. In an interview with Ivan you will learn more about SuperScale business, its beginnings, and business-related matters of interest.

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19.12.2019  |  4 min read

Tech for Good: 5 eco-innovations saving the planet

Here are some of the companies currently using cutting edge innovation in an attempt to undo — or at least limit — the damage we’ve inflicted upon the world and kickstart a more sustainable way of living.

26.11.2019  |  5 min read by James Archidona

7 tips and tricks for starting a business

It might be hard to believe but even the billionaire brands of today started as tiny start-ups at some point. So here are six handy tips and tricks to follow when starting up your own business. 

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