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What is the difference?

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Central in Europe

Opening 3 spaces in 3 countries in 24 months.
We upgraded a local presence to regional. This represents the true value of flexibility and synergy for our customers, as these spaces, seemingly autonomous, allow members to move, businesses to expand, and knowledge and experience to be shared and exchanged.

This means your business can benefit from our regional network and you can moveresource from one city to another, to achieve the utmost efficiency for your projects.

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  • 24/7 access
  • Rentable table or office space (obviously)
  • Mentoring & consultancy
  • Exclusive events & workshop
  • Chill-out zone & gaming room
  • Refreshments & beverages

Good design
is not enough

We aim to be the best. We cooperate with the most acclaimed architects – choosing mainly local designers and architects to reflect the regional spirit of each country.

But in the end, it is not all about the silver lining. We offer “the full package” in terms of coworking space: we take care of all the facility management, leveraging shared economy on kitchen, meeting rooms, extended spaces to run workshops, technologically advanced environment, cool tech-ish gadgets, you name it….

Where worlds collide

Opportunities flourish.
We are confident that we have really solved the puzzle of combining corporate and startup in our premises.

For corporations, being in the proximity of startups fosters innovation, strengthens and improves brand image and can be crucial in establishing a sales pipeline. The other way around works pretty much awesomely too. To name some: access to experts, access to capital, access to exclusive events.

All this through a network of corporations that can lead to growing business, new revenue streams, new investments and ultimately new clients.

Why only win, when you can win-win?

Too cool for school?

Don’t act a fool.
Partnering with non-profit organizations focused on education, we provide a platform for educational growth. Connecting entrepreneurs at heart and tech gurus to introduce them into the beautiful world of startups.

How to start and run companies from scratch, learn to code in useful languages and use knowledge to develop products? People can become startupers themselves or even work for one of the leading tech companies in their countries.

Those who seek the best talent in the market – will find it right here.

Our team

Natalia Kiskova

Head of HubHub | Global

Monika Bandurova

Community Manager | Bratislava

Dominik Illek

Marketing Manager | Bratislava

Jan Buza

Biz Dev & Partnerships Manager | Bratislava

Kristof Kralik

Jr. Community Manager | Bratislava

Ester Rezkova

Operations Manager | Bratislava

Joanna Osiecka

Community Manager | Warsaw

Bartosz Chmiel

Marketing Manager | Warsaw

Malgorzata Zurowska

First Impressions Manager | Warsaw

Veronika Hilkovicova

First Impression Manager | Bratislava

Lukas Hagen

First Impression Manager | Bratislava

Jerzy Brodzikowski

Operations Manager | Warsaw

Katarzyna Bochenska

Biz Dev & Partnerships Manager | Warsaw

Piotr Grabowski

Event Manager | Warsaw

Zuzana Sottova

Event Manager | Bratislava

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