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6 Tips To Help Avoid Lockdown Burnout

We are well into the 3rd lockdown in the UK and the burnout is real. Below we have collated our essential tips to help you avoid the dreaded lockdown fatigue and keep motivated!

by Sophie Bacon 29.1.2021  |  3 min read Coworking
6 Tips To Help Avoid Lockdown Burnout

1. It can be easy to feel like you are ‘stuck’ at home, try to reframe this state of mind to being ‘safe’ at home and keeping others safe by staying home.

2. Create daily routines around things you enjoy. For example, include a ‘walk to or from work’ in the day to get that step count up and help clear your mind. If walking isn’t your thing, you could try crafting or cooking, or anything to get your head out of work mode.

3. If you have a heavy workload one day (or week!), pick out three things you must complete that day. Make a list of any additional jobs, so you can easily come back to them when the most important tasks have been completed.

4. Keep hydrated and have lunch away from your laptop.

5. Make sure you close your laptop at the end of the working day and turn off those notifications! It can be helpful to say ‘goodbye’ to your colleagues in your work group chat, to signify it’s the end of your workday and ensure you don’t get any evening messages from co-workers.

6. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the end of the working week, and all you want to do is Netflix and chill – that’s ok! Enjoy 😁

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