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5 Ways To Improve Your Cycle To HubHub

This month, HubHub London have been catching up with one of our longest-standing members – Turvec.

by Sophie Bacon 21.10.2020  |  4 min read London
5 Ways To Improve Your Cycle To HubHub

Turvec design, plan and install cyclist-focused bicycle racks, stores & shelters across the UK. And be sure to look out for their Bike Repair Stations, too! 

The Turvec Team are all keen cyclists and have given HubHub London the lowdown on the 5 best ways to improve your cycle to work (now where’s my bike helmet…): 


Wear the right clothing 

  • For most European countries, the chance of rain is highso a good waterproof jacket is essential. 
  • If you’ve got showers at your office (like those at HubHub!) you can even bring a full change of clothes, meaning you’ll be fresh all day, no matter the weather on your commute. 


Experiment with your route 

  • You don’t want to be weaving through traffic jams at 8 in the morning, so instead experiment with your route and look out for new cycle lanes. Another option is to take quieter residential streets. It might look slower on a map, but if you’re avoiding traffic lights and car queues, you’ll be coasting to work in no time. 


Be safe and seen 

  • Invest in a comfortable and safe helmet. Having a lightweight, wellventilated helmet is going to keep you cool and comfortable. All helmets have to pass basic standards, but look out for technology like MIPS which will give you added protection. 
  • Make sure you use lights throughout winter. Even in the middle of the day it can get dark, and having a good set of lights is the best way to be seen by cars. 


Invest in a good bike lock 

  • Having a good lock means you can not only securely lock your bike at work, but you can pop to the shops or see friends on the way home and not worry about your bike being stolen.  
  • Bike parking spaces are on the up, and HubHub is keen to make sure cycle commuters get the best experience possible, with well-designed and easy to use dedicated bike stores. 


Enjoy the ride! 

  • Riding your bike is fun. Alongside the benefits to physical and mental health, and the positive impact on the environment, cycling is simply a great way to enjoy your day. 
  • Get the right clothing, helmet, lights and lock, find the best route for you, and enjoy your new commute! 

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