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5 Tips To Keep Your Plants Happy In Autumn

During lockdown it’s safe to say most of us gained a few extra green and leafy friends to keep us company in our homes.

by Alexandra Krchnavá 21.9.2020  |  3 min read Members
5 Tips To Keep Your Plants Happy In Autumn

As Autumn and Winter slowly make their advance, we asked our resident HubHub London gardener, Michael from Patch Plants, for his top AW20 gardening tips so keep our plants happy over the colder months.

  1. Reduce your watering:
    As the temperature cools your plants rate of drinking water becomes much slower. Water plants once a fortnight and don’t let soil become too saturated.
  2. Move plants back to windows:
    You may have moved your houseplants away from windows in Summer to stop their leaves burning. Now the sun is weaker and sunshine hours are reduced, it’s safe to put them back in front of windows.
  3. Stop feeding:
    From October you can stop feeding plants, as their growth will slow down during Winter. Feel free to give them one Winter feed in December and then start regular feeding again in March. Michael recommends Chempak No.3, as his plant feed of choice.
  4. Don’t trim or prune:
    Avoid any extreme trimming or pruning of your houseplants, unless absolutely necessary due to plant disease, like root rot.
  5. Use Neem Oil:
    Once a month treat your plants to a spray of Neem Oil. This wonder oil helps to keep away bugs and flies, removes dust and makes leaves super shiny

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