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5 Things you should know before implementing ESOP to your business

21.7.2021  |  Coworking
5 Things you should know before implementing ESOP to your business
  1. Crunch the numbers

    You want to make sure that your employees are properly compensated so that they’re in it for the long haul. You want to look at their position, seniority and the market. 

  2. Don’t close any doors

    ESOPs, like people, evolve. When designing your first ESOP, leave the door open for future changes. 

  3. Leaving is easy

    Different things can happen when people leave your company. You can buy back their assets, they can sell their assets to other employees or they can keep them. Figure out what approach works best for you. 

  4. Communicate

    ESOPs can be a mystery to a lot of employees. Make sure to communicate how the plan behaves and what the value behind the number on their contract is. 

  5. Liquidity is key

    ESOPs are only truly motivational when there’s a silver lining in sight. Make sure that your people know when and how they can get the payout. 

If you would like to learn more about ESOP, please visit our event organised in cooperation with FERRO Legal at this LINK.

This event will be aimed directly at solving your problems and questions. Feel free to join even if you don’t have any questions about ESOP issues yet. The event is suitable for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in this area.

FERRO Legal is a law firm that provides a high standard of legal services to entrepreneurs in the fast-growing areas of technology, intellectual property and e-commerce.

Main speaker of the event will be Štefan Šurina, Managing partner of FERRO Legal

Štefan is a law & technology enthusiast with a vision to help tech companies grow. Štefan comes from a colourful background. He started off at Deloitte Legal Prague where he was primarily responsible for IT/IP related advisory work and M&A. He was also the legal partner in a venture capital firm LRJ Capital / GROWWS and an external general counsel in a tech scale-up Exponea.

Most importantly, Štefan has extensive experience with ESOPs. He helped design, implement & operate them in companies such as Exponea and Mews and is looking forward to sharing his recipe for success with the HubHub community.

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