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5 Questions on the Future of Co-works

5 burning questions anyone who works in a co-work must answer in every interview nowadays

by Karolina Dabrowska 19.2.2021  |  3 min read Coworking
5 Questions on the Future of Co-works

1. The one about new services 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that flexibility is the most desirable aspect of office renting for any company nowadays, regardless of its size. This is what HubHub has always been about, coming up with new and innovative ways to satisfy our members. 

  • In response to the most pressing needs of our residents, we introduced the rotation package, which enables HubHub community members to rent an office for 10 people and still work in a team of 20. It helped our clients reduce costs spent on rental and redistribute their resources to segments most affected by the pandemic, while preserving a stimulating office environment.  
  • Following our predictions and observing market needs we also decided to open Qubes in Hungary and Slovakia. It’s a solution that bridges the gap between a traditional office model and a co-working space, addressing the need of growing businesses unable to accurately predict their long-term growth pattern. It combines the benefits of a conventional office in terms of security and personalization with co-work’s flexibility and access to the network of like-minded people.  


2. The one about changing space layout and planning reconstructions.  

Our spaces change constantly following the requests of our community members. HubHub offices were designed to be adjustable and flexible, so luckily, we don’t have to plan any major reconstructions right now. However, what we do pay extra attention to are health and safety measures. We adopted our space to meet the requirements of global health organizations – from comfortable social distancing conditions to frequent disinfection and clear rules in the office that reduce the risk of spreading infections. We also provide face masks and hand sanitizers for everyone, and lead by example following strict rules as a team.  


3. The one about implementing new technology solutions. 

HubHub at Postepu 14

The biggest value that HubHub has to offer, besides our space, is our inspiring community. Our members got used to benefiting from the in-person presence in our spaces, especially when it comes to networking and exchanging knowledge. We want to keep on empowering these kinds of interactions by working on the best digital solutions that bring people together. We don’t only provide space solutions; we’re enabling beneficial cooperation and delivering industry insights that fuel the development of our members’ businesses.  


4. The (tough) one about the budget.  

It won’t come as a surprise that it’s almost impossible to plan anything at the moment. As the old saying goes change is the only constant, that’s why good organizational skills are so crucial. The only thing that remains fixed in any of our calculations is the cleaning service. We’ve got a great team working on different case scenarios and considering various what ifs, but we’re trying to stay optimistic! We’re longing for yoga sessions, community breakfasts and afternoon drinks together, but if that won’t happen in the foreseeable future, we’ll allocate our resources to digital equipment to deliver the best community experience online. Everything for our current and future members, really. 


5. The one about projections for the industry for 2021?  

I have definitely observed the rising need for the old-normal. People are becoming less effective working from homes, but they want to enjoy the flexibility that this new online reality brought to their lives. That’s why we can expect a rising demand for the hybrid model of office rental in general. A new emerging trend that we can already observe is also working near home (as opposed to working from home). Co-works are already entering smaller towns trying to address the need of people who want to improve work-life balance and reduce hours spent on commuting. And apart from that? In times of uncertainty, flexibility gains an enormous value. 


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