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Want to be a freelancer? 

Being a freelancer is becoming increasingly popular. But what are the real advantages and disadvantages of freelance work? 

by Gaia Arzilli 16.7.2019  |  6 min read Členové
Want to be a freelancer? 

Being a freelancer is becoming increasingly popular. But what are the real advantages and disadvantages of freelance work? 

Today, freelancing is mostly associated with creative professions, and the numbers also confirm it. 18% of all freelancers are designers, 18% are editors and writers, and ten percent have editors and copywriters. Although this style of work is more associated with the younger generation, freelancers can be found in every age group, especially among people in their thirties. 

The popularity of freelancing is growing 

Nowadays, about 20-30% of the workforce are freelancers, and this figure is set to grow in the coming years. There are several reasons for the growing popularity of freelancing. 

One of them is the great degree of independence it brings. For many years I worked as an internal employee, but I wanted to try whether or not I could manage alone,” explains Naďa, who has been a freelance project manager for over a year. “For me, freelancing means time flexibility and the possibility to choose what I want to do. 

Precisely the time flexibility is mentioned as a benefit of freelancing most often  more than one in four freelancers state it as the reason why they decided to do freelancing. Being able to dedicate yourself to your passion or the chance of being ones boss are also among the popular reasons for people to opt for a freelance job. 

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It requires a strong will 

Although freelancing is very popular, it is certainly not for everyone. It brings several challenges that not everyone can tackle. Earnings uncertainty and the problem of finding clients are perhaps the most serious problems that freelancers encounter. In addition, many of them have problems with self-discipline. 

Especially working from home where one is alone requires a great deal of self-denial. Working from home is fine just for the first few weeks, admits Lukáš, a freelance designer and photographerI often slipped into procrastination, or I did not work at all. Some try to solve this problem by working from a café, but even cafés have their bugs. Occasionally, children shout there, or ambulances drive past the cafés and it can pull me out of concentration, explains Michal, who has also been a freelancer for several years. 

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Community is important 

Other stumbling blocks of freelancing are also feelings of loneliness and isolation. They are the strongest when working from home, and even working from a café will not resolve them completely. I often do not meet people like me in a café, says Michal. On the other hand, coworking centres are exactly where freelancers can easily find people who will understand them. In addition, they also offer them the same as cafés – water, coffee, or snacks – and even for free. It is because of the community and communication that I have chosen a coworking centre, says Naďa. She, Michal and Lukáš chose HubHub in Bratislava as their office. 

HubHub has a wide community of freelancers, startups, small businesses, and corporations. I’ve been there for quite a short while and I’ve already met new people, which was my goal. I am also pleased with the many activities and events organised for members, says Naďa. The benefit of this wide community is that freelancers can easily find clients or partners among its members. Michal was happy that, as a HubHub member, he has the opportunity to work from its foreign branches, which makes it easier for him to work while travelling around the world.

It’s a personal decision 

Being a freelancer brings unique challenges as well as benefits. It is important to find the right routine and environment that will allow you to thrive and grow in your work. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you want to be a freelancer or not. That is, if you don’t belong to the few percent of freelancers who claim to have become freelancers just by accident 🙂. 

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