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HubHub feat. Cleanology!

We recently interviewed Jade Collazo, HR Director of our amazing London cleaning company - Cleanology!

by Sophie Bacon 13.7.2021  |  5 min read Coworking
HubHub feat. Cleanology!

1. Can tell us a little about who Cleanology are and what makes you different from other cleaning companies?

As experts in commercial cleaning, we provide professional commercial & office cleaning services, property maintenance and support services to companies across London and Manchester.
Over the past 20 years, we have been first to market with countless innovations such as microfibre cloths two decades ago, to our award-winning biotechnological cleaning and robotics today. We are forever striving to progress.
Our ethos is to provide our commercial cleaning clients with an effective and proactive management team that takes ownership and responsibility for delivering our professional commercial cleaning service with passion and integrity. Nothing is ever left to chance.
As a winner of the prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Innovation, the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We also offer our staff genuine career opportunities, with training, development, and progression. We love our team and our planet!

2. Do Cleanology have any mission statements?

We do! Our main mission statement is;
Cleanology is a British commercial cleaning & facilities services provider serving clients across the UK.

Through the combination of sustainability, technology, experience and passion, we enhance workplace wellbeing leaving our clients with a clean, healthy and safe environment in which to thrive.

But our impact should go way beyond our clients, staff, suppliers and stakeholders; we want to create a greener industry by leading environmental innovation, a fairer society through promotion of the Real Living Wage and leave behind a better world around us through charitable support of the community we serve.

3. What have been some of Cleanology’s biggest achievements?

I think this would have to be our Golden Service and Living Wage awards. We won two Golden Service Awards for Environmental Awareness back-to-back, which was a fantastic industry recognition to receive and really reinforced that we are one of the most environmentally sustainable cleaning providers out there. Our Living Wage Champion Award was another incredibly proud moment as we’ve been long-term supporters of fair pay and the living wage and felt that award was not only for Cleanology but also our clients who have supported us and our staff who are always so enormously grateful to receive an enhanced rate of pay.

4. How did Cleanology have to adapt and change due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

We really felt we needed to take a leading role when tackling the pandemic. We rapidly and proactively began researching solutions and ideas to reduce the impact of covid, both reactive and preventative measures.

Secondly, we very quickly overhauled our Health & Safety training. Our new risk assessments had to be exceptionally comprehensive due to the level of risk involved with our staff being frontline key workers and so we reviewed our training measures for our staff to increase both the understanding and comprehension of Risk Assessments.

We also had an increased focus on wellbeing for our staff, given the impact that both the pandemic and lockdown had on the nation. This meant increased check-ins with our staff on furlough, additional support where needed and really making sure we were engaging with our employees.

5. Your vehicles are all powered by electricity, your cleaning products are all chemical free and you are advocates for paying a living wage. What is next on the agenda for Cleanology?

Ah..! We’re always working on new ideas and have a few exciting projects in the pipeline but unfortunately, they are still under wraps! The dream, however, is not just to be the industry leader, but to lead change in the industry to make it more ethical, more sustainable and generally promote a “better business” approach to strategic decision making.

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