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Coworkers vs. Crisis – Annabel from Exponea

20.5.2020  |  3 min read Členové
Coworkers vs. Crisis – Annabel from Exponea

Annabel Pemberton is a member of Prague’s HubHub Na Prikope 14. She works as a Deputy Data Protection Officer in Exponea, a customer data and experience platform with actionable marketing insights for larger enterprises. So let’s take a deeper look into Exponea’s business vs. current crisis.

How did the current crisis affect your business?
Thankfully we have clients from different industries: e-commerce, tourism and hospitality. Some of them are performing even better during this situation, but the most important thing is to adapt quickly and not to be afraid to pivot. We are also scaling as a company in terms of our product, the Exponea App, capabilities. This will give even more powerful takeaways for our clients to understand their customers and where to focus their resources.

How did you adapt to this situation?
Exponea is set up to be remote, flexible working culture with no set hours, continued use of tools such as Slack and Zoom to stay in touch, support with our communication coach, support for mental health, reduced but still support benefits. Transparency is a crucial thing, and that‘s why every Tuesday, we have calls with our CEO Peter Irikovský to stay on track to current plans.

How did you help your clients to adapt?
We are launching a New Normal campaign. We are also performing and specialised analyses into some client’s dataset to understand how customer behaviour is changing.

Your key learning point?
Companies should offer flexible working hours – remote work included. In the end, it boosts employee’s productivity. Which is a win-win situation.

What are your future goals?
Growing to recreate our success we’ve seen in the UK and Europe, in the US.

How can Exponea help other coworkers in HubHub?
We have strong company culture, which is important thing during these tough times. So we will be happy to help anyone who needs to talk about it!

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