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10 of the best gadgets announced at CES 2020, the world’s biggest tech show

17.1.2020  |  Coworking
10 of the best gadgets announced at CES 2020, the world’s biggest tech show

Every year, the world’s biggest tech brands descend on the neon-lit lands of Las Vegas to announce their latest technological advancements at the Consumer Electronics Show, or as it’s better known, CES. Kicking off the new year every January, the conference is the biggest of its kind in the world and sets the precedence in tech for the year ahead. This year was no exception.


From connected shoes to bendable laptop screens, here are ten of the best gadgets that we saw while at the show last week, and what you can expect to see on shop shelves before the year is out.


Intel’s Horseshoe Bend laptop

Chip-maker Intel demoed a prototype laptop code-named ‘Horseshoe Bend’ that is basically just one long OLED display that bends in half. Similar in size to a 12-inch laptop, the folding display means it can be opened up to more than 17 inches with the bottom half acting as a full-size, touchscreen keyboard.


Sony Vision-S car

Japanese gadget maker, Sony, shocked the crowd at CES this year when it revealed a brand new electric car prototype at its launch event. Called the Vision-S, the concept takes the shape of a zero-emissions sedan with an advanced autonomous driving system and a giant glass roof. It’s also equipped with 33 sensors to detect people and objects in and outside of the vehicle.


Samsung Ballie

What would CES be without a robot announcement? This year’s culprit was Samsung who introduced a home bot called Ballie. The ball-shaped robot makes use of AI to help you around the home. It can answer commands, double up as a fitness assistant, or be used as a tool to help the elderly do complicated, modern tasks, such as connecting to smart devices.


Amazon Fire TV for cars

There’s no show without punch. Amazon was, of course, in attendance at CES this year, announcing that its Fire TV is being built into future cars from BMW and Fiat Chrysler. Failing to allude to the dangers of watching TV while driving, Amazon said you can expect hands-free access to Alexa, touchscreen interfaces and offline playback capabilities that will let you enjoy the living room TV experience in vehicles.


Hyundai and Uber flying taxi 

What to do when traffic gets so bad the roads are gridlocked? Hyundai and Uber have the answer: take to the skies! The companies have teamed up to announce a concept for a “future aerial rideshare network” called Uber Air Taxis. Taking ride hailing to the clouds, the concept comes in the form of an all-electric aircraft which looks like a human-carrying drone. Speaking of which, it’s capable of holding up to four passengers at a time at cruising speeds of up to 180mph.



Runners looking to up their game should invest in a pair of these connected insoles called NURVV Run. Pairing with a coaching app, the smart shoe inserts boast 32 precision sensors that can accurately capture data from the feet at 1,000 times per second and offer some in depth metrics, such as cadence, step length and footstrike. This, the firm says, will give runners an idea of their technique as well as real-time tips on how to improve.


Oral B iO toothbrush

Oral B took the connected toothbrush to new heights at CES with the announcement of its AI-powered brush, the iO. Offering personalised brushing modes, the oral device is made unique thanks to its built-in smart display on the handle which provides real-time coaching throughout the brushing process.


Royole Mirage Smart Speaker

Chinese display company, Royole, unveiled an Alexa-enabled speaker featuring its signature flexible touch screen tech that curves around the device’s cylindrical body to make for a unique design. You can also expect some pretty impressive visuals to accompany whatever you play on it.


LG’s ‘Real 8K’ TVs

Korean tech giant LG revealed a host of „Real 8K“ televisions which the company claimed are far superior to rival’s 8K offerings. The new sets comprised two OLED models measuring 77 and 88-inches, and six LCD flavours ranging from 65 to 75-inch. The firm also unveiled a “rollerblind”-style prototype TV – a rolling screen made from bendable display tech that unravels as it descends from the ceiling.


ASICS Smart Shoe

Sports company ASICS landed at CES for the first time ever this year, joining a lineup of predominantly tech-only companies. But for good reason. The firm showed off a smart shoe prototype that it has a built-in AI coach. Planned to be launched later this year, the shoe is packed with a bunch of multi-dimensional sensors and can track a range of inputs – including kick strength and stability, among others- to give runners real-time feedback, helping them perform better.


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